Any english speaking ps3 users need a clan for the new survival mode?

  1. Zeb25
    We are a group of 5-15 friends who are looking recruit players to our new clan Patriot Parasites. If your interested give me a shout. We will use mics but you don't have to, as long as you can understand our English that's great. We are considerate and friendly off the battlefield. . .but deadly serious on it!
  2. Dr-LaLa
    Hey Zeb, not sure if this post is in a public area. According to the header to this thread it is under "GROUPS --> PS3 CLAN --> PATRIOT PARASITES --> ANY ENGLISH SPEAKING PS3 USERS NEED A CLAN FOR THE NEW SURVIVAL MODE?". I wanted to bring this to your attention in case you wanted this posted outside of the clan area within the forums.
  3. Peleg
    Hello my name is Peleg i would like to join your clan and play along with you guys, i have mic also.
    About me: Im rank D+ (still stuck there >< ) hmm i have inf ac3 lv 40 recon ac2 lv 39 and new enfr lv 21 im currntly lvling up
    I would apprciate if you accept me to the Patriot (btw here my psn if you intrensting- Pelegnofar)
    Nice to meet you again Dr. Lala xD
  4. Voodyy
    Hi guys ive just joined your clan i play mgo on ps3 and could play wiv you guys if you want add my psn Voodyy but I might have full psn list O.o so pm if u couldnt add me
  5. Peleg
    Welcome Voody Nice to meet you, I'll try add you tonight.. Looking forward to play with you
  6. Binx420
    Hey guys i hope you are all still active add me my psn is Binx420
  7. Peleg
    Nice to meet ya binx, hope you enjoy here as well. Feel free to add me to mgo (ps3: pelegnofar)
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