I expected SO DAMN much from this game, after hours and hours of playing Ground Zeroes, completing every mission over and over from that small game. Reading over the storyline to the point of V, knowing that this story line must end on a high note. Watching the intense and hyped trailers, I honestly thought this game would be the game of all games, just in its story perspective.

Boy was I wrong. I expected so much from V's storyline, I wanted to see how Big Boss became the Big Boss from the series, Kaz (second favorite character of the entire series) redeem himself and leave Big Boss. Ocelot become the Ocelot we know and love. The REAL Outer Heaven, Gray Fox, Solid Snake, Solidus, Naomi, Colonel.........Nothing, we got nothing to complete that epic gap that so needed to be finished.

If Kojima wrote this game way back in 2010, what did he have in mind for the plot? i know he likes to keep people guessing, but really what was put in V, in writing and characture structure was lame, simply just a day in a life of, or "meanwhile this happen along the way". Not the real plot neccessary to complete the saga, just some event that now is canon and we're suppose to except? No way, Ground Zeroes did a terrific job in setting the tone of V. But it came back and slapped us in the face because what we got was a complete mess of a story.