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    MG: survive same "support" as MGO3?

    Im wondering if Konami will do a similar "support" (if you could even call it that) on MG survive just like they did on MGO3. Which is basically sell some crappy micro transactions and scratch your ass if somebody asks you if you could fix stuff on the game. Seriously why should i get the game if i can expect it to be dead within 1 month (thats generous btw) cause konami wont fix broken stuff. for me this whole deal looks like a quick cashgrab. I bet they even go so far that they try to sell you vital resources for real cash (cause its a survival co-op thing). Another thing is we all remember how the community manager was allowed to answer literally 1 out of 500 questions on a live stream. The main response was "cant comment on that" after looking for that on a "dont tell" list.

    Ah well i "maybe" gte it if its gonna be for sale on steam for like 5 or something.

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    Lol you don't really think its gonna be that cheap? Over here, its $30 USD.

    I do agree, however, with your top argument. As much as I..."like"...MGO3, the whole thing where Konami doesn't listen to their consumers is complete bs.

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    Here's an advice for you: don't buy the game.

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    It's definitely a 'wait and see' game for me. I'll see how well they've handled the online component (and if they've learned any lessons from MGO3) and if there's any new content that hasn't been reused from MGSV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FraRPetO View Post
    Here's an advice for you: don't buy the game.
    I see nothing's changed here ^^ I've got the game but it's still wrapped and untouched..
    spent hours and hours with The Withcer 3 instead. good game!
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