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    Even though we never participated in the tournaments as the team we are now, we did participate together as the group of randoms known as the sons of Liberty in the first Xbone MGOL tournament. We won the first match, lost the second, and two of us were last minute replacements for another team and won the tournament with that team.(fun fact, the team we won with is actually the team that beat us). We are very friendly towards one another, very cooperative and just plain fun. As I type this are old members are reforming. Remember, we are not looking for quantity, we are looking for quality. Quantity is good because of backups, but quality is better because of overall chances of winning. The leader is on both platforms, but our clan is Xbone only. Our leader is one of the best players I've ever played with and against, and I've played with the best in the world. Restrictions of joining don't really exist atm, just have a mic, good sportsmanship, and we're good! If you think you are a decent enough player come join Shining Light!
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    wassup im looking for a clan add me on PSN CloudRabbit11

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud1120 View Post
    wassup im looking for a clan add me on PSN CloudRabbit11
    Hey i know u from early MGO3 days? Isnt it?
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    im sorry but '2 of us were backups' is like saying we were on the under 21 bench when the real Madrid seniors wont the champions league.

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    hey guys im looking for clans to enter my tournament ive got 5 clans and its growing ... contact me if any of you want to enter

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